Posts mock the death of reporter who criticized vaccine skeptic tennis player

Many posts are mocking the recent death of a sports reporter who criticized a top-ranked tennis player for his anti-vaccine stance, with some insinuating that COVID-19 vaccines caused the reporter’s sudden death. The player was previously barred from several tournaments due to his refusal to get COVID-19 vaccinations and is now celebrated by vaccine opponents for his continued dominance in the game. 

Risk level: Medium

Recommendation: While conversations about this reporter’s death are unlikely to arise in a clinical setting, doctors may face questions about COVID-19 vaccine safety. Talking points may emphasize that there is strong evidence to support that COVID-19 vaccines have not caused sudden deaths. An analysis of data on all-cause death by vaccination status and excess deaths shows there is no link between the vaccines and death. We know COVID-19 vaccines prevent death—plus severe illness and long COVID—and have been determined to be safe.