Infodemiology is a public health discipline that studies the spread of information with the goal of improving health.

On Infodemiology.com you’ll find live dashboards that track trending online health conversations, practical trainings that will help integrate infodemiology into your daily routine, the latest resources from across the field, and more. Whatever your role, infodemiology.com has the tools to help you be more effective in advancing health.

Building a community of practice

A collaborative, cross-sector global effort is underway to establish a strong community of practice around infodemiology.  

This website and the curation of infodemiology resources is a project of The Public Good Projects (PGP).

Partners and contributors

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Who is Infodemiology.com for?

Resources and insights are helpful to anyone interested in information ecosystems, media monitoring, health communications, science literacy, and more.

Infodemiology.com currently tailors certain resources for public health and health care professionals to equip them with the tools to understand and respond to trending health narratives. The work is ongoing, so sign up for our newsletter to keep up with resources, trainings, and insights reports.