Article on Iowa’s anti-mRNA vaccine movement leads to online debate

A recent article in The Iowa Standard reported on a growing movement among Iowa politicians and health care professionals to remove mRNA COVID-19 vaccines from the market, citing safety concerns. Social media reactions are mixed, with some users claiming that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are unsafe and others suggesting that vaccination should be a “personal choice.”

Recommendation: Trending conversations on this topic provide an opportunity for community-based organizations and other partners in Iowa to circulate existing content around COVID-19 vaccine safety. Messaging may emphasize that mRNA vaccines are based on decades of research and have been determined to be safe. For more than three years, mRNA COVID-19 vaccines have been rigorously studied in millions of people worldwide with no evidence linking them to widespread health issues or deaths. COVID-19 vaccines—along with other mitigation methods like masking—are our best protection against COVID-19-related hospitalization, death, and long COVID.