Article raises concerns about misleading birth control claims on social media

A recent article highlights the prevalence of misleading information about birth control online. The article states that social media influencers are raising concerns about alleged side effects of hormonal birth control and promoting “natural,” less effective birth control methods. The influencers’ target audience is made up of girls and women in their teens and early 20s. The article also mentions that social media platforms are attempting to remove content that promotes misleading claims about birth control and its effects on mental health. This sparked debate on social media, with some users suggesting that women are facing censorship for sharing their experiences.


The uptick in misleading claims about birth control provides an opportunity to ensure that target populations are informed about the safety, effectiveness, and availability of birth control options, particularly in states where abortion is restricted or banned. Ensuring that FAQ sheets and public-facing websites are updated with the latest information about hormonal birth control is recommended.