Comments on article support Arizona resolution to declare COVID-19 vaccines biological weapons

A recent article reported that the Arizona Republican Party passed a resolution that “declares the COVID-19 injections to be biological and technological weapons,” calling on the governor to “prohibit their distribution” and on the attorney general to “confiscate the vials and conduct a forensic analysis of their contents.” The resolution cites false claims that Pfizer’s clinical data showed “1,223 deaths” and “158,000 adverse incidents,” and that “evidence exists” that COVID-19 mRNA shots alter human DNA. Comments on the article echo those false claims and express concerns that the resolution will not pass.

Recommendation: While conversations about this resolution are unlikely to arise in a clinical setting, doctors in Arizona may face questions about COVID-19 vaccine safety. If questioned, debunking messaging may emphasize that COVID-19 vaccines are not biological weapons, have not caused mass death, and do not alter DNA. Prioritizing prebunking messaging is recommended: Over three years of scientific evidence and global safety monitoring have shown mRNA COVID-19 vaccines to be safe and the residual DNA in the vaccines to be harmless. Adverse effects to COVID-19 vaccines are extremely rare. The CDC recommends COVID-19 vaccines for everyone 6 months and older to protect against severe illness, hospitalization, death, and long COVID.