False claims about ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine recirculate

A trending social media post recirculated the false claim that ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine can treat COVID-19. The post also falsely claimed that the pharmaceutical industry is covering up the benefits of these medications because they threaten the vaccine industry.

Risk level: High

Recommendation: These types of posts may discourage patients from seeking safe, effective medical treatments for COVID-19 in favor of unsafe, ineffective options. Debunking messaging may emphasize that ivermectin has not been shown to treat COVID-19 or any illnesses other than certain infections caused by parasites and that hydroxychloroquine has also not been shown to treat COVID-19. Taking ivermectin for off-label purposes can result in poisoning and clinical trials showed that when used as a treatment for COVID-19, hydroxychloroquine may cause heart problems in some patients.