Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis fuels “turbo cancer” speculation

Within minutes of Kate Middleton revealing that she is in cancer treatment, some vaccine conspiracists began circulating the false claim that she has “turbo cancer” caused by mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. Several viral posts resurfaced misrepresented pre-pandemic cancer incidence data to claim that COVID-19 vaccines are behind rising cancer rates in younger adults. 


This conspiracy theory is the latest example of vaccine opponents attempting to baselessly link a high-profile illness or death to COVID-19 vaccines and promote baseless claims about “turbo cancer.” Ensuring that community-based organizations and other partners have updated COVID-19 FAQs and one pagers with messaging that debunks “turbo cancer” claims is recommended. Messaging may emphasize that there is no increase in cancer diagnoses, progression of the disease, or deaths after COVID-19 vaccination and that “turbo cancer” is a term coined by vaccine opponents with no basis in medicine.