Louisiana vaccine bills spark conversation about COVID-19 vaccine safety for infants

One of several vaccine-related bills recently introduced in Louisiana is generating conversation online. Bill HB288 would require all autopsies of sudden infant deaths in children under 1 year to include vaccine records. Some social media users and anti-vaccine groups are expressing support for the bill and suggesting that vaccines are not safe for infants and cause sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Recommendation: Online conversations about HB288 provide an opportunity for community-based organizations and other partners in Louisiana to debunk false claims about vaccines and SIDS and promote recommended vaccines for infants and children. If directly debunking false claims, messaging may emphasize that vaccines do not cause SIDS, as evidenced by the fact that the condition affects vaccinated and unvaccinated infants at the same rate. Ensuring that informational materials, including websites and any FAQ materials, explain that extensive research has shown that recommended vaccines are safe for infants and children is recommended.