Mississippi group challenges flu vaccine efficacy

A Mississippi group is questioning the efficacy of flu vaccines. In a social media post, the group argues that the flu virus has persisted, despite the vaccine being available for 82 years. The post suggests this means the flu vaccine is ineffective. Some social media users expressed disagreement, attributing the virus's persistence to its frequent mutations. The group countered this argument by claiming that the vaccine remains largely ineffective at preventing illness, despite ongoing updates to the vaccine.

Risk level: Low

Recommendation: While this post has not reached a wide audience, it may promote vaccine hesitancy among patients considering the updated flu shot. It is recommended doctors in Mississippi be prepared to answer questions about flu vaccine efficacy. Doctors may emphasize that while the flu vaccine has not eradicated the virus due to frequent mutations, the vaccine prevents severe illness, hospitalization, and death from the flu. According to the CDC, the flu vaccine can reduce the risk of illness by 40% to 60%. The CDC recommends the flu vaccine for everyone six months and older.