New York Times article highlights challenges with youth mental health education

A recent New York Times article highlighted research suggesting that youth mental health education campaigns in schools are not helping young people with mental health issues and are instead encouraging incorrect “self-labeling” with mental illnesses. Experts quoted in the article expressed a need to improve access to youth mental health support. Some social media users commenting on the article claimed that schools are over-emphasizing mental health education and causing young adults to ruminate on stressors. Others said we need to ensure mental health education in schools includes adequate interventions for students showing signs of mental illness.


Articles about youth mental health provide an opportunity to promote youth mental health resources. Especially during Mental Health Awareness Month in May, ensuring that FAQ sheets and one-pagers are updated to include resources for parents and young adults—such as sliding scale therapy, support groups, and local mental health centers—is recommended. Trending conversations about mental health also provide an opportunity to push out existing content and messaging that outlines mental health warning signs in young adults.