Post spreads false claims about COVID-19 vaccine safety and its ingredients

A social media user falsely claimed that the vaccines the CDC recommends for babies “include toxic heavy metals and known carcinogens.” The user also compared it to the agency advising against feeding honey to babies before they turn 1. In response, another user responded that they gave their son raw milk and honey as an infant and that they’re now “super healthy.”

Recommendation: False claims about pediatric vaccine ingredients may discourage patients from getting recommended vaccines for their infants and children in favor of unsafe, ineffective alternatives. When talking to parents, messaging may emphasize that the ingredients in pediatric vaccines have been studied for years and found to be safe. The amount of some ingredients used in vaccines is much less than what children are exposed to in their food, water, and environment. On the other hand, the CDC warns against giving honey to babies under 1 year old because it can contain bacteria that can cause infant botulism, an illness that can cause muscle weakness and trouble breathing. Health authorities also warn everyone against consuming raw milk because of the risk of food poisoning, especially children who are among those most vulnerable to it. Learn more about recommended pediatric vaccines from the CDC.