Posts revive the misleading claim that Pfizer staff got “special” COVID-19 vaccines

An allegedly leaked email from 2021 claims to show evidence that U.S. Pfizer employees received different COVID-19 vaccines than the general public. The email, which notes that the vaccine stock available to the staff was “separate and distinct,” is recirculating in English and Spanish. 

Recommendation: Trending conversations about COVID-19 vaccine safety provide an opportunity to recirculate existing content and materials about the importance and safety of COVID-19 vaccines. Continuing to reiterate that COVID-19 vaccines have been rigorously tested and determined to be safe is recommended. If directly debunking false claims about vaccines given to Pfizer employees, messaging may emphasize that the company ensured that its employees were not receiving special treatment by getting access to vaccines that had been purchased by the government to be distributed for free to the public.