Social media post claims that California study found increase in heart inflammation following mRNA vaccine

A physician on social media recently shared a California study that observed a potential increase in heart inflammation following the administration of mRNA vaccines. The study, which was originally submitted as a presentation at the 2021 Scientific Sessions for the American Heart Association (AHA), has since been discredited by the AHA.

Risk level: High

Recommendation: Heart inflammation after vaccination is commonly cited by vaccine opponents, and the public is often confused about when this inflammation may occur and why. These types of posts may promote vaccine hesitancy among California patients, and doctors may face questions about the risk of myocarditis from the updated COVID-19 vaccine. Health care providers may emphasize that cases of post-vaccine myocarditis are extremely rare and usually mild. A COVID-19 infection is more likely to cause myocarditis than a COVID-19 vaccine, and those cases are typically more severe. This is even true among young men, who are most likely to experience myocarditis from vaccines.