Social media users celebrate Tennessee bill banning foods that contain vaccines

Tennessee’s Senate passed a law requiring that any food containing a vaccine be classified and labeled as a drug. Senators who support the bill said they did not know of any examples of vaccine-containing foods being sold but that the bill would ensure regulations are in place if vaccine-containing foods are sold in the future. Some social media users are celebrating the bill and citing concerns that vaccines are already in the food supply.


Myths about vaccines in food may promote distrust in public health authorities and messaging about COVID-19 as well as reluctance to comply with public health advice in the future. Debunking messaging may emphasize that false claims about vaccines in food have circulated for several years and have consistently been proven to be false. This false narrative originated in research that explores cost-effective and practical ways to produce and deliver vaccines, including through edible plants like lettuce. No such vaccines are in use, and there is no evidence of vaccines being in the food supply. The only way to receive a COVID-19 vaccine is through a health care provider.