Spanish-language post spreads false claims about COVID-19 vaccine safety

A Spanish-language social media user reposted a video from a well-known anti-vaccine doctor and spread false claims about COVID-19 vaccine safety. The user wrote that COVID-19 vaccines are a “poisonous cocktail” and that they were to blame for her sister’s and sister-in-law’s fatal heart attacks as well as her mother’s and brother’s tumors. The user also cited the anti-vaccine doctor who falsely claimed that “vaccines are not safe for human use.”

Recommendation: These types of posts may undermine the public’s perception of the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, especially when the claims are coming from a health care professional. Debunking messaging may emphasize that there is no evidence suggesting that COVID-19 vaccination is associated with heart failure. There is a very small risk of myocarditis and of pericarditis after vaccination in certain populations, but research has shown that a COVID-19 infection is much more likely to cause myocarditis than a vaccine. COVID-19 vaccines are a safe and effective way to prevent heart muscle inflammation. Additional messaging may emphasize that COVID-19 vaccines COVID-19 vaccines do not cause cancer or increase cancer risk. The CDC recommends the updated COVID-19 vaccine for everyone 6 months and older.