Supreme Court mifepristone decision causes celebration online

On June 13, the Supreme Court voted to uphold access to the abortion pill mifepristone. Voting against this case would have reversed the FDA's decision to expand access to mifepristone. The decision sparked online conversation across several social media platforms—primarily on X. One post on X from Melinda Gates read, “Today’s Supreme Court decision is welcome news, but the fight for reproductive rights is far from over.” The post received 5,000 likes, 1,300 shares, and 356 comments as of June 21. Most comments agreed with Gates’ assessment, and some expressed trepidation about potential threats to abortion access in the future.

Recommendation: Trending conversations about mifepristone provide an opportunity to inform target populations about the safety and availability of abortion bills, particular in states where abortion is restricted or banned. Messaging may emphasize that decades of studies conclude that abortion pills are a safe way to end a pregnancy. Ensuring that FAQ sheets and websites are updated with the latest information about where and how target populations can access abortion pills in-clinic, via telehealth, or by mail is recommended.