Tennessee’s Baby Olivia Act receives mixed reactions on social media

Last week, Tennessee's governor signed into law the Baby Olivia Act, which will require Tennessee schools to show students a video about fetal development that does not align with the U.S. medical standard. The social media response to the new law is mixed, with some social media users echoing the video’s misleading claims about fetal development and others stating that the video is an attack on accurate sex education and part of a “forced birth agenda.”

Recommendation:The uptick in misleading claims about fetal development provide an opportunity to ensure that target populations are informed about fetal development and pregnancy—as well as the legality and availability of birth control, emergency contraception, and abortion in their states. Staying up to date on trending narratives and preparing for questions from journalists or partner organizations about reproductive health laws and sex education in your state is recommended. For information about abortion gestational limits in specific states, check out this fact sheet.