Texas researchers identify anti-vaccine arguments that have influenced public policy

A team of researchers from Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy and The Immunization Partnership recently reviewed witness statements from hearings during the 2021 Texas legislative session about vaccine requirements. Their study shed light on anti-vaccine arguments that have influenced public policy. Top concerns in witness testimonies included medical freedom and vaccine safety and effectiveness.

Recommendation: Online conversations about this research may prompt patient questions about vaccine safety and effectiveness. Explaining that the FDA ensures that vaccines work before they become available to the public and that all vaccines are rigorously tested and monitored to ensure that they’re safe is recommended. Additional messaging may emphasize that vaccines are our most effective tool for preventing the spread of infectious diseases, and thanks to vaccines, some infectious diseases have been eliminated in the U.S. Vaccine mandates are intended to protect the health of individuals and their communities. Experts attribute recent outbreaks of infectious diseases to low vaccination rates, which jeopardize herd immunity. Learn more about recommended vaccines and immunization schedules from the CDC.