Video calls promoting COVID-19 vaccines “the most evil thing ever done”

A right-wing political commentator claims that governments encouraging vaccination after “the mRNA vaccine was shown not to stop transmission” was “the most evil thing ever done.” 

Recommendation: These types of posts attempt to undermine the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines and may promote distrust in public health guidance. If directly debunking this claim, explaining that vaccines reduced transmission against early COVID-19 variants through Delta is recommended. Over time, the vaccines became less effective against transmission as SARS-CoV-2 continued to mutate, producing more infectious variants. Ensuring that informational materials, including websites and any FAQ materials, use prebunking messaging to explain the importance of staying up to date with vaccines as variants evolve is recommended. Communication campaigns promoting COVID-19 vaccines may emphasize that COVID-19 vaccines have been rigorously tested and monitored over three years and have been determined to be safe. COVID-19 vaccines protect against severe illness, hospitalization, and death and reduce the risk of long COVID.