World Economic Forum speaker comments on water crisis, COVID-19 vaccines, and depopulation attempts

A speaker at a recent World Economic Forum (WEF) event discussed water equity. Social media users are misrepresenting the speaker’s comments, suggesting that WEF will soon attempt to depopulate the earth by attacking the water supply. Some social media users also claim there are COVID-19 vaccines in the water supply.

Risk level: LowRecommendation: These types of posts perpetuate the false claim that COVID-19 vaccines are in the water supply and that a government-led depopulation plan is in place. This may promote distrust in public health guidance from government officials, which may result in negative health outcomes. It is recommended doctors be prepared to answer questions about vaccine safety and efficacy. Messaging may emphasize that the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks and that COVID-19 vaccines are not part of a “depopulation plan,” because they prevent severe illness and death.